Ján Kapoun, Production Manager for SOFTIP PROFIT VÝROBA


The comprehensive SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS information
system includes solutions designed to support and manage production processes and to administer various services
and maintenance activities use.






This module provides users with a convenient way
to automate and optimise production activities in order
to achieve maximum productivity, efficiency and flexibility
in respective activities.

Users gain online access to information from sales processes, technical preparation for production, logistics, production itself and the fulfilment of orders by applying a comprehensive SOFTIP PROFIT VÝROBA information system. The online connection for processing economic data is a critical component. This solution gives the customer a tool for managing the company and optimal planning while ensuring efficient resource and production quality management. The outputs serve as relevant materials in the drafting of long-term operating and investment plans.

News in 2014

Interest from customers in the SOFTIP PROFIT VÝROBA application continued to grow in 2014.  The enlargement in our network of customers was responsible for the expansion of our solutions to include processes that increased quality, improved reach into other segments and primarily strengthened SOFTIP‘s standing on this particular market. Additional functionalities supported the deliveries of quality solutions. We completed numerous modifications that were incorporated specifically for the mechanical engineering and metallurgy industries.

Other development work increased our reach into the area of small custom manufacturing and services.

Applications in the manufacturing sector were the focus at the international IPA Production Management 2014 conference in Žilina. As a partner of the conference, we presented the advantages of a production management and order administration system based on SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS.

We gradually completed the following expansions throughout the year:

  • optimisation of the use of the system and its user environment
  • centralised control of the entire application including production modules
  • solutions for order administration in small custom manufacturing and in services
  • incorporation of calculator functions at all levels with focus on the objective definition and management of pricing strategy
  • the first phase of incorporating production into management information systems

These expansions were modified for various segments of the market, which opens up space for us to successfully implement other projects.

Major Implementations in 2014:

  • FIMAD – mechanical engineering production with requirements on precise records of all inputs and processes with product passports. Further cooperation provided the customer with a sales support solution.
  • Illichmann Castalloy – comprehensive controlling for production activities, reporting for a defined customer for all areas of production management
  • Linea D – production and logistics management for the production of furniture and home furnishings
  • Hydina Holding – management of logistics processes, the production and preparation of feeds, comprehensive controlling in monitoring egg yields, including sorting, packaging and shipping



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