Dušan Homola, Product Manager for the SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS IS


Is a comprehensive ERP information system delivering
a fully integrated solution for managing economic and
financial processes, managing sales, material and production logistics processes and a comprehensive solution for
human resources and payroll management.






This solution supports mobile technology as well. Thanks to the SOFTIP PROFIT mobile application, management and sales staff now have all the data they need including the statuses of orders and receivables as well as prices and current stock levels immediately at their fingertips on their mobile devices.

The innovative SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS also delivers
a module exclusively designed for managing production, new web add-ons and MPP management overviews.
SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS, our flagship products, is used by nearly 700 customers with more than 8,500 customers.

News in 2014

SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS received a facelift at the end of 2014 as a part of its continuous development. Priority was focused on the comfort and convenience of our customers. The goal was to provide users with a higher degree of user comfort through:

  • simplified use and manipulation,
  •  new options for visualising data,
  •  increased comfort when working with data,
  •  new and modern design.

This made SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS an even better choice for smaller enterprises.

Major Implementations in 2014:

  • Slovwood – development and implementation of a custom SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS-based solution. The solution delivers comprehensive functionality for implementing processes involved in the sales of wood materials. It facilitates the simple and efficient planning of purchases, deliveries and the shipment of various types of wood materials. It also covers all processes associated with approving of customer and purchase orders. The system is connected to an SAP-based economic system for received and out-going invoicing documents. The communication interface is based on web services.
  • EUROPLAC – implementation of a mobile stocking tool to optimise stock levels and streamline work when creating stock moves. The solution was expanded to another phase of expansion to include efficient route planning for products delivered to countries in Central Europe. An interface for the Plantour route planning system from Digitech was developed and deployed.
  • Index Nosluš - development and implementation of a customer portal. This project involved a web solution delivered in cooperation with Datasun. This allows clients of the Index Nosluš human resources agency to review information about their employees and financial details online using a web portal.
  • Corex Servis – customisation and implementation of a solution for service orders. The solution is integrated into SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS and provides functionalities for implementing service orders.
  • ZF Levice – development and implementation of an employee education and training module with the ability to plan education and training activities for individuals assigned to specific workplaces and professions. The module facilitates the generation of qualification matrices for individual employees. It also provides management with a tool for quickly ensuring employees are qualified for their assigned position on a specific workplace



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