Radovan Bálent, Member of the Board of Directors and SME Division Director


2014 confirmed the on-going trend of adapting
ERP products to the exact needs of customers. Custom
solutions on the platform of a specific ERP solution,
i.e. SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS or SAP Business One, were
primarily sought by larger customers.





SOFTIP in 2014

However, more and more smaller companies are becoming aware of the fact that a quality ERP adapted to their specific needs is a tremendous advantage that streamlines the overall operation of their business.

In this and the years to come, we expect that their managers will seek customised versions of "brand-name" ERP solutions that will help them concentrate on their core business.

Relationships with Customers

SOFTIP as a customer-focused company is acutely aware of the importance of long-term partnership with its customers, which is confirmed by the fact that nearly a quarter of its contracted customers have been loyal to SOFTIP for more than 10 years. Another 17% have used our products for more than 5 years. Proof of the company's success is in its ability to deliver innovative new solutions and develop its own products to continue to attract new customers. Nearly 60% of our customer base has come on board over the past 5 years.

Number of customers by length of contractual relationship Up to 5 Years 6 - 10 Years More than 10 Years

In terms of long-term relationships, the fact that up to 83% of revenues is from customers who have been with us for 5 years or longer is notable..

Revenues by length of contractual relationship Up to 5 Years 6 - 10 Years More than 10 Years

Customers by Segment and Size

SOFTIP has enjoyed long-term success in winning and completing orders in all segments of the market. The most important orders have come from the utility, business, services, industrial, wholesaling, retailing and public administration sectors, among others. Revenue diversification from different segments is another positive as it means that no single segment predominates with regards to the company's overall revenues.

Industry Services Utilities Sales State and local government Health FinanceRevenues by sectors

SOFTIP's stability is confirmed by the fact that nearly 60% of the company's revenues are generated by the segment of large companies with more than 250 employees. Another 25% of SOFTIP's revenues are from medium-large companies with 50 to 250 employees. SOFTIP's product portfolio is able to meet the needs of the largest and the most demanding clients. This sets SOFTIP apart from other ERP solution providers on the Slovak market, who largely deploy their solutions in the small business segment.

Large Other Medium Small MicroRevenues by customer size


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