Miroslav Michálek, Product Manager for SAP


SOFTIP confirmed its position as the Slovak leader for
SAP Business One in 2014. We were recognised as the best
partner in Slovakia for the highest total revenues from
sales of licenses and the largest number
of new customers in 2014.






To put that into specific numbers, our professional consultants successfully implemented more than 50%
of all SAP Business One implementations in Slovakia.

We were able to successfully expand our portfolio to include new implementations of SAP-based systems and to provide support to existing clients at a high level.

The SAP Business One application integrates and covers all basic enterprise activities from classifying relationships with customers, marketing events, purchasing, sales, and warehousing records to financial accounting, maintenance and production processes for small and medium enterprises. Enterprise information is captured in a single system and is available on-line at all times across the entire organization and even remotely using a mobile application. SAP Business One is also available in 41 language versions for more than 150 countries in which it is sold, supported and compliant with local legislation. This allows you to expand your business domestically and abroad.

SAP Business All-in-One solutions are the best choice for medium sized enterprises searching for a comprehensive, integrated industry solution to enhance their business in every regard. These solutions facilitate the management of all activities, including financial accounting, human resources, procurement, warehousing management, production, logistics, product development and enterprise services to customer service, sales and marketing.

News in 2014:

SAP Business One Version 9.1 was released last year and delivered a number of innovative functions, including WMS warehouse management functionality and WORKFLOW for managing company processes.

Major Implementations in 2014:

  • STM Slovakia – this company was created as a spin off from the Danfoss group. After successfully managing production and logistics processes, we gained this customer‘s trust and continued to deploy the system for Italy-based STM Italy.
  • DKI PLAST - this company is a subsidiary of DKI PLAST from Denmark. Managing production with functional logistics using a mobile warehouse clerk and managed bar codes, optimised stocks and on-line accounting were the key aspects of this work.
  • NOVIS Poisťovňa – a system was developed for this insurer (records of insurance policies – policyholder accounts, processing insurance contribution payments, monthly closing and direct debit collection of fees, insurance benefits, and policy buy-outs, records of agents and processing of commissions).
  • Poštová Banka Finančné Služby – development of special solutions focused on expanding the functionality of the factoring system
  • UNITED TRAVEL - once again we confirmed our ability to succeed in international projects. The on-going implementation of the international UNITED TRAVEL project in Bratislava and Moscow once again confirmed the correct decision to deploy the SAP Business One system for travel agencies and brought us closer to partners in Greece and Russia.

We also gained new clients who decided to more efficiently manage their companies using a management information system. The number of clients who decided to take their businesses into the world of e-commerce also increased.

In terms of SAP Business All-in-One solutions, we continued to provide maintenance activities and to develop products for SANECA Hlohovec, KLAUKE Slovakia and Klauke UK, as well as FUCHS OIL Brezno and Witzenmann.



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