Igor Gašparík, Product Manager for Management Information Systems


Is a management information system intended
for use by top management and other levels of management
in order to leverage information from all available data
sources regardless of information system to serve
as a decision support resource.






SOFTIP MIS keeps staff at all levels of management informed of the results of their department while maintaining data consistency, i.e. there is only one „version of the truth“
in the entire company.

SOFTIP MPP, which features a very short period for implementation, a major advantage, is offered as a bundle of management information system solutions added on to the SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS IS. This solution includes four modules (Economics and Finance, Sales, HR and Assets), which can be purchased individually and then developed to match the customer‘s specific needs.

News in 2014:

  • Implementation of HR BI - analysis and planning of payroll costs and human resources
  • SOFTIP BI Dashboards – expansion of SOFTIP BI to include mobile devices
  • Implementation of large BI solutions in retail

Major Implementations in 2014:

  • Diligentia – data warehouse with data from more than 160 retail sales locations, a warehouse and 4 SAP: BI accounting units.
  • Medirex – MIS expansion to include payroll, human resources controlling and logistics
  • Plastik Omnium - custom MIS for paint shop and press shop facilities using data from SAP A1 and other production systems.
  • Slovenská autobusová doprava Žilina – further expansion of MIS to include web application data for data acquisition purposes
  • ZSVS a.s. – analysis and planning of payroll costs and human resources



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