Milan Toth, Product Manager for Business Process Management


The Metasonic® suite platform represents
a unique and innovative solution for automation
and dynamic management of company processes
from METASONIC GMBH of Germany.






The platform delivers a solution with immediate
results and simple integration. Any process changes
can be implemented on-the-fly without major up-front investment, thereby ensuring a quick return on investment. The same applies throughout the life cycle of the
installation and not just at the beginning.

The platform covers the entire life cycle of BPM (Business Process Management) projects, from analysis and modelling to the creation of applications for automating and managing processes with a broad selection of monitoring options, the measurement of selected performance indicators and the continual ability to optimise processes.

News in 2014

We developed and implemented the first process using the Metasonic® Suite platform at the beginning of the year. Practical experience then confirmed all of the advantages and benefits delivered by this technology. SOFTIP introduced this breakthrough technology to its customers during a spring road show held at the beginning of April 2014 in three cities in Slovakia (Košice, Sliač and Modra).

Those attending the road show were most interested in the practical example of Metasonic® Touch Table process modelling. Of all the presented advantages of Metasonic® Suite, the most appealing were the 30% to 70% reduction in time to implement and the 40% to 60% reduction in application development time. We presented the opportunity to exploit these technologies and cooperation with universities at the Uninfos 2014 conference in Košice. Applications in manufacturing companies were showcased at the Production Management conference in Žilina. We believe that the number of companies able to recognise and appreciate the advantages and benefits of this technology in their companies will grow in 2015.

Renowned consulting and advisory company GARTNER recognised this product and awarded its maker with the COOL Vendor 2014 award. Finally, the people who best understand their business now have a tool to support their work at their disposal with lower dependency on IT.


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