introduction from the chairman of the board


We often see people receive awards up on
a stage thank everyone, from their families, friends to the
rest of the world as they give them credit for being the primary reason behind their success.

I have to admit that they express many of the same
thanks almost by default any time they are forced or asked
to say anything. It has simply become what is done and
everyone does it.






Dušan Guldan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive director and ESS Division Director

That is the same trap that I fell into when writing this introduction. I also want to thank everyone who was responsible for making 2014 such an excellent year. And I do not want these thanks to appear to be by default; I truly mean them.

We are just closing the book on an excellent 12 months. Two simple sentences are sufficient to sum it all up. SOFTIP generated profits at a level we have not seen for a long time. We also managed to stop the downturn in revenues. The reasons for this are manifold, and include the recovery of the market, an increase in confidence and investments made by companies and an improvement in the economic climate. I, however, primarily see the hard work and innovations that we delivered on in the past. This includes the cloud, custom solutions for customers as well as excellent and on-going cooperation with global leaders including SAP and Microsoft. All of this speaks to our people, the true professionals, who are our greatest asset and source of added value.

Customer satisfaction also goes hand in hand with our results. A single number says it all: nearly of quarter of all contracted customers have been loyal to SOFTIP for more than ten years. This is a fact that speaks to the quality of our services and excellent cooperation with the users of our solutions. It also is a commitment to continue working and improving in order to sustain this strong level of trust going forward.

I thank you. These thanks are not cliché and are not given out of a sense of obligation. It is simply the fact that we could not optimistically look forward to SOFTIP‘s future without our employees and satisfied customers.



SOFTIP, a. s. - Výročná správa 2014