human resources


As of 31 December 2014, SOFTIP employed
a total of 176 employees, 71 of whom were women,
representing 41% of the total number of employees,
the same as in the previous year.

women men





The process of making changes in the structure of employees continued throughout 2014 with the goal of meeting the strategic objectives staked out by the company and building new competencies. The number of employees decreased by 3 in a year-on-year comparison. Miroslav Tobiáš was appointed Sales Director of the SME Division in January 2014.

Education activities continued in the field of professional and technical training as well as sales skills built upon trainings completed in past years. Standard education in the field of professional and technical training continued with focus on changes in legislation, certification trainings and participation in workshops and conferences. Trainings were completed for pre-sales consultants and sales managers to strengthen presentation and negotiation techniques. The company conducted a series of innovative internal workshops in cooperation with its partner, IPA Slovakia.

Language Courses Regular Training
in Safe Office
Management education Project Management Sales Training Technical TrainingEducation Structure

Within the rules for utilising the social fund and providing employee benefits, the company continued, just as in past years, to provide employees with the option of fully paid sick time,  supplemental pension insurance contributions, above-standard preventative health exams, contributions for the birth of a child, awards for important anniversaries both at home and at work and more. The company spent a total of €117 thousand on benefits, primarily from the social fund, which the company generates in the form of a 1% contribution from gross company payroll. The most significant line item funded from the social fund was the contribution for meal tickets above the framework defined by law; the company also increased this benefit by an additional 30 cents at the beginning of 2015, thereby decreasing the cost of meal tickets to employees.

Secondary Complete secondary Bachelor UniversityQualification structure of personnel


over 60 Years of Age 41-50 Years of Age up to 30 Years of Age 51 – 60 Years of Age 31-40 Years of AgeStructure of personnel according to age


Employee performance review was completed in the personal development and employee performance management system in addition to 360-degree performance review of management staff.

Pursuant to company policy, we strengthened the trust between employees, management and shareholders at a company-wide summer meeting at the Tatralandia resort and the year-end employee meeting held in Tále. We continue to resolve employee suggestions and recognise those celebrating special anniversaries. The company also regularly determines top performing employees in specific positions. We conducted a review of employee satisfaction in 2014 with the goal of determining employee opinions and stances towards the company and fulfilling one of the points of the company‘s policy to be an attractive and sought-after employer.



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