Product Manager for Human Resources and Operational Director of the SME Division


Our long-term expertise and experience with
the development of information systems for managing
human resources are a guarantee of the added value and
quality of solutions we deliver to customers.






the most widely used applications for managing
human resources in Slovakia thanks to nearly
1,400 customers and 7,000 users.

News in 2014:

We continued preparations in 2014 for the new Happy HR product to make it accessible on mobile phones, tablets and computers regardless of operating system. This forthcoming new release includes modules for evaluation, organisational management, education, the adaptation process, recruitment, social policy and employee service.

We also redesigned all SOFTIP HR Plus product applications, added new and faster filters, anchored partitions, a quick link menu and favourites and integrated all modules into a single application. All options can be started from anywhere and the user‘s favourites are accessible at all times.

Nearly a thousand users participated in our annual New Year‘s seminars focused on legislative changes and we noted an increase in consultancy activities.

The following improvements are among our most important activities: integration of our product with SAP in the area of HR data, expansion of the education module to include monitoring of the certification process and an unlimited number of work calendars.

Outputs from the product can be exported to Slovak third-party accounting software suites and to SAP Business One or SAP Business All-in-One.

Major Implementations in 2014:

  • Hypernova - this retail chain migrated to a SOFTIP HR solution for its 1,100 employees. Data was migrated from its legacy system within the project and an automated attendance system was deployed.
  • Medusa Group - payroll processing for 1,600 employees



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