Zoltán Špila, Operational Director of the ESS Division


We consider 2014 to be a difficult but ultimately successful
year in terms of the implementation of custom solutions
in the ESS Division. It was difficult given our continued
efforts in innovating processes in addition to the
implementation of demanding projects.






We were able to deploy the new eDane tax system,
a system for administering insurance claims and other preparations within innovations of the IVO system
(system for managing public procurement processes)
in cooperation with key customers.

And why was 2014 a success? There are many reasons, the most important of which is the successful implementation of projects combining our IT expertise with the specialisation and knowledge of our partners. It is also a success given that the implemented solutions met the expectations of our customers and helped their business activities.

However, people are behind ever individual success. We are no different, combining a high commitment to work activities with a positive approach among all team members to both tasks and customers and ultimately winning customers over thanks to the superlative professional skills and expertise of our people.

The SOFTIP GARANT group of products is intended to support operations and management of pension funds, supplemental pension and pension management companies (2nd and 3rd pillars of the pension assurance system).

The GARANT IS product provides a back-office solution for pension management companies supporting all operating processes and enabling the achievement of low operating costs. The product secures complex records and processes contracts and addenda, receipt of contributions and the management of personal accounts, assessment, calculation and payment of claims, calculation and payment of commissions, accounting records, the public contribution agenda and other functions.

The webGARANT front-office solution provides an interface for clients, sales network support functionalities and functions for comprehensive client service in the company‘s branch network.

The GARANT IS and webGARANT solutions provide numerous data and communication interfaces to the internal systems of pension management companies and external cooperating systems.

The third member of the product group is the GARANT MIS - a data warehouse solution for internal analysis and reporting. Alternatively we provide an interface for external data warehouses and reports - systems.

Other typical custom solutions:

Portal and web solutions as an add-on to existing production and supporting systems or as separate solutions for selected areas of support:

  • Add-on solutions to existing production and support systems for remote acquisition and provisioning of information (webGARANT, Transport, providing information from productive system using mobile equipment and others)
  • Independent solutions for selected areas of support (Asset records, Electronic orders, Financial project management, Contract records, Sales network administration - webGARANT BCR)
  • Integration solutions (integration of multiple existing systems)
  • Management overviews (consolidation of distributed data)

Business Intelligence and Management Information Systems including controlling and add-ons to support decision making at all levels of management in all types of organizations, from manufacturing companies, water utilities, financial institutions to state and public authorities.

Business Process Management and Workflow Solutions for the design (modelling) of automation, management (measurement and monitoring) and optimizing processes. These solutions are based on existing Metasonic Suite or MS Sharepoint technologies.

Central procurement to coordinate centralized purchasing, unification of purchasing requests within the entire company and their approval and the optimization of purchasing activities.

Property maintenance management and planning for companies pursuant to legislative requirements and internal company standards:

  • IS for records of property and works of art
  • IS for records of assets using bar codes

Electronic document exchange based on requests and pursuant to EDI which provides secured communication between:

  • Clients and financial institutions
  • Individual financial institutions
  • Information systems within financial institutions

Registers for recording and administering data.

Insurance claims: records and settlement of insurance claims with connection to an ERP system

Public procurement: managing public procurement processes in organisations


  • solution for calculating and reporting various taxes, including notes to the financial statements and summary VAT reporting forms
  • excise taxes, corporate income tax, VAT, road tax and property tax, among others, with ERP system connection

Document Management Systems using the Sharepoint Platform

Major Implementations in 2014:

Slovenský vodohospodársky podnik - comprehensive information system



SOFTIP, a. s. - Výročná správa 2014