It is a fact that we continuously monitor the latest trends
in IT and offer and implement complex solutions. We are
also a company that remains just as steadfast in supporting
other aspects of life outside of work, with a special interest
in powerful human stories.





We focus our attention and support on culture, sport, environmental protection, education and helping those
who need our help the most.

We supported three associations in the form of the 2% of income tax charitable contribution. The first of these associations is the Down Syndrome Association of Slovakia, which we hold near to our hearts and which we have taken under our wing to a certain extent. We decided to support the activities of people with Down syndrome during our company-wide year-end meeting of SOFTIP employees where a voluntary fund-raising drive was announced. Our employees contributed directly at the event or made direct contributions to the association‘s account afterward. The second association is SAMIK, which seeks to support the creation and presentation of spiritual and cultural values while the third association is the Friends of Children‘s‘ Hospital in Banská Bystrica, which seeks to assist the hospital, its employees and the children who are patients most of all.

We also used a portion of funds from the social fund to support some of our employees who found themselves in difficult situations due to chronic and severe illnesses. We truly appreciate our employees and consider it our duty to help them.

In the area of culture, we continued in our traditional support for the international environmental film festival Envirofilm 2014, organised by the Slovak Environmental Agency.

We also supported the 30th annual edition of the SNP Judo tournament for both men and women in classes up to 100 kg in 2014. The previous year‘s edition was the most successful in its history thanks to our cooperation.

SOFTIP supplemented its existing Quality Management System to include an Environmental Management System (EN ISO 14001) within the Integrated Management System (IMS) project. Environmental aspects are evaluated on an annual basis and measures are adopted to mitigate our negative impact on the environment.

We strive to improve quality of life within our working activities and in our civic engagement. We have introduced recycling and separate waste collection at all our workplaces, giving preference to glass bottles over plastic bottles in supplying beverages to employees and optimising printing to decrease toner and paper consumption. At the same time we maximise the use of electronically-registered documents and company records. We also use Microsoft Lync functionality (conference calls, shared screens, shared documents, etc.) within internal communication activities.

Environmental aspects are a major component in operating company fleet vehicles. We optimise business trips and take fuel consumption into consideration when choosing new vehicles. We also increase the environmental awareness of our employees within internal communication activities.

With respect to our customers, we also have undertaken a concerted effort to switch over to electronic invoicing, which has a clearly positive impact on more efficient use of natural resources and is also very convenient and cost efficient. As of 30th April 2014 we have concluded more than 600 contracts on electronic invoicing. Since March 2014 we have enhanced electronic invoicing capabilities to include the ability to distribute invoices using the partnering Zelená pošta system. We have implemented identical solutions for sending electronic invoices in solutions for our customers.

We turn over all scrapped technical equipment to authorized recyclers and disposal companies licensed for electrical equipment and electronics. The collection of electronics and electrical equipment by our contracted partner was a service provided to our customer as well. We are proud to exclusively install components that comply with the RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances) Directive in technical infrastructure we deliver to customers.

Communicating about the company activities

The objective of SOFTIP‘s communication strategy in 2013 was to increase awareness about the company and to build a strong and unmistakable SOFTIP brand.

During the year we systematically cooperated with external media outlets using published press reports and statements from members of company management on current topics.

The most content rich external communication channel is the website that serves as a central source of information about the company and its products and services with simplified access to the Customer Zone. The „Write to us“ section is used to provide answers to more general questions about SOFTIP; similarly, the email address is available to make direct contact.

A year-long campaign on indoor and outdoor digital display boards in Bratislava and other cities with the goal of promoting the broad portfolio of SOFTIP‘s products and services that SOFTIP is able to deliver was a major element in external communication in 2014 and strengthened the SOFTIP brand as a comprehensive supplier.

We communicated with existing and potential customers throughout the year using presentation days and seminars. In addition to regular trainings regarding legislative changes, we organised SOFTIP Presentation Days, a series of three events during the Spring Roadshow involving Metasonic® Suite and the SOFTIP – SAP Partner Day.

SOFTIP was profiled to the general public as one of the major IT employers at the 4th annual JobExpo 2014 job fair. This event, organised by the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family was combined with the 16th annual edition of the international European Job Days job fair.

The New Visions in HR 2014 conference, attended by the most important HR professionals, provided ample room to present SOFTIP‘s nearly 25-years of HR experience to those in attendance. We also presented our manufacturing and production know-how as the 4th annual Production Management conference.

SOFTIP became an advertising partner for the RESONANCE project which seeks to make the need for environmental protection more attractive to the younger generation. The 2nd annual RESONATING CHRISTMAS event was held under the auspices of the mayor of Bratislava.

In the area of internal communication SOFTIP annually invests into increasing the efficiency of team cooperation between employees located at various sites across Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We continue to develop our Microsoft Lync deployment as a comprehensive solution for integrated communication.

Another major internal communication channel is the Intranet portal which we use to regularly publish notices and documents. At the start of 2014 the homepage of the Intranet was completely redesigned and Yammer, a special social network created especially for companies, was fully integrated into the portal.

SOFTIP organised the SOFTIP Cyklo Tour 2014 sporting event at the end of summer with the start and finish line in the spa park in Turčianske Teplice. The event was specifically for customer employees and customers.

Employees were informed and kept up-to-date at regular division and central unit work meetings covering company news as well as corporate strategy and plans.

As is now tradition, all employees have had the opportunity to meet their colleagues, management and shareholders in an informal environment at the SOFTIP meeting held over two days from 5 - 6 June 2013 at Tatry Mountain Resort – Tatralandia and 12 – 13 December 2014 at Hotel Stupka in Tále as a year-end company-wide event.


Microsoft recognises SOFTIP‘s cloud technology quality | 3 March 2015

SOFTIP confirmed the high level of its services and solutions by becoming a Microsoft Silver Cloud Productivity Partner. This competency represents a guarantee for SOFTIP‘s partners that qualified professionals with direct access to Microsoft technical support are working for them.

SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS undergoes modernisation. New design and functions intended to attract customers | 24 October 2014

One of the most popular complete ERP systems in Slovakia has received a facelift. SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS developers have taken it to a higher level of functionality and user-friendliness to make it a higher quality and more convenient tool for current and future users. Among the most important changes are a refreshed and modern appearance, simpler controls, more convenient work with data and new options for data visualisation.

Europlac eliminates data errors and duplicity

Magazín TRANSPORT a LOGISTIKA | 21 October 2014

The connection of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS production IS have created a unified, efficient and multi-language tool for sales managers in Germany that covers sales processes in the quotation and order phase. Information for managers in real time and reporting using a number of dimensions, sellers, products or customers are all standard. The dual manual entry of sales documents and records has been replaced with automatic imports from the CRM directly into the SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS production IS.

Assistance addressed to people

MY Banskobystrické noviny | 21 October 2014

SOFTIP was the first company to offer its capacities after lengthy considerations in the form of free-of-charge use of its latest product to hit the market, a cloud-based accounting system, for parties involved in start-up projects, covering company-wide accounting and corporate agendas on desktops computers and smart devices.

SOFTIP employees use the corporate Yammer social network | 22 August 2014

The social network has improved cooperation between employees and made problem solving much simpler and flexible. Yammer has become embedded at SOFTIP to such an extent that in-house communication would be impossible to imagine without it.

MATADOR selects a SOFTIP HR PLUS solution | 6 August 2014

MATADOR HOLDING, a.s. decided to improve its human resources management and attendance agenda for all its companies in Slovakia and Czech Republic. The company has deployed a new SOFTIP HUMAN RESOURCES PLUS solution to accomplish this task. The result is higher quality and modern human resources management that has reduced errors and digitalised the forms in use.

Research: ERP Market in Slovakia in 2013

Infoware | 7 April 2014

SOFTIP took home second place with total revenues for ERP solutions of €9,069,381, representing an increase of 6.52% (+€555,381).




SOFTIP, a. s. - Výročná správa 2014